Five Ways to Relax

  We all have those times in our lives where it seems like things are just a lot more stressful than at other times.  Things seem to pile up with work, little bad things in your everyday life happen more often and it feels like the world is trying to stress you out at every […]

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Revamping your living space

We are in the middle of the changing season known as fall and with the change of the world outside, it may also be time to change it up on the inside portion of your world. We spend more time inside then we realize and with the cold months on their way we’re about to […]

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Aututmn Travels

The leaves have started their descent into color and there is a renewed crispness to the air. What does that the mean? It’s autumn of course! This time of year is one of the most beautiful and unfortunately one of the shortest of all the seasons. So, how do we make sure we get the […]

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Welcome to my Weird World

Hi there reader, I see you found my blog. I hope you like it so far and that you will excuse the mess. I’m in the middle of trying to get everything all set up, so things might not be as pretty as I would like them. Forgive me, please! Anywho let me fill you […]

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