How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we? When you’re first starting out, getting your butt to the gym is hard. But despite what you try to tell yourself it is, in fact, not impossible. I don’t have to tell you that exercise is good for you, you know that. What I can tell you are a few ways to make hitting the gym just a little easier to deal with.

  1. Schedule it like work

I know that right now you’re thinking ‘gee, great idea Sarah, make working out feel like more work.’ But hear me out. When it comes to making sure I actually do my workouts that I need to for the week, scheduling it at the start of the week always make me more successful every time I do it. At the start of any given week, I will sit down to look over all the normal things that will be happening like work, family events etc. So while I’m doing that I will schedule my workouts around those things. Remember to be honest with yourself and what I mean by this is don’t put your workouts where you don’t have time but also don’t lie about being busy when you aren’t.

  1. Find a gym you like

Ok so this may seem like an obvious one, but you would be amazed how much this has helped me. I was once that person who would go check out a gym for a bit then as soon as I could, I would find my way out of it, all because I didn’t like the place enough. I figured out when I found my current gym that I didn’t actually hate working out as much as I always told myself. I hated the place I was working out in more than the act of working out. Weird right? But once I found “the one”, it was a total game changer. If you can, try to be a little pickier. If the place offers it, try a little free trial type thing, see what you think. It may just be the thing you were needing.

  1. Find a Cute Outfit

Gentlemen, if I may, I believe this is slightly more geared to my ladies out there, although a dude version for this could be workout gear that makes you feel ‘ripped’ so to speak. Either way, find an outfit that you feel good in, both comfort wise and if it’s important to you, looks wise. If you at least have something to wear that you feel good in, the overall workout won’t feel so bad.

  1. Workout Buddy!

So what’s one of the number one ways to make sure you go to the gym? Hold yourself accountable with a workout date. Pick a friend, ideally someone at the same or similar level as you fitness-wise, and make a date you always meet for a shared workout. It would be perfect if you both went to the same gym already or at the very least one of your gyms allows you to bring a guest. A good suggestion is to pick the workout you hate the most or that gives you the most trouble. This will make it so you can’t skip it as easily. You probably noticed that the theme of this article is cut yourself off from your excuses, and you would be exactly right. The fewer excuses you have, the harder it is to say no to your workout.

  1. Don’t worry about the Scale

I know ok? Easy to say, hard to do. Trust me when I say I know exactly what you mean. This is honestly one of my biggest problems that I have, which is why I put it here. Not only to remind you but to remind myself. When it comes down to it, how you feel is what is important, not your weight. My rule of thumb is to weigh myself once a week at the same time, normally in the morning, this is good because it will keep it accurate. You weigh different amounts during different points in the day depending on what you eat and drink. So the morning before breakfast is the best bet for me. But beyond that, remember do not let a number define your progress.

That’s it for today guys, hope you enjoyed. If you have any question or even suggestions let me know in the comments. Until next time, stay weird.




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