Revamping your living space

We are in the middle of the changing season known as fall and with the change of the world outside, it may also be time to change it up on the inside portion of your world. We spend more time inside then we realize and with the cold months on their way we’re about to spend even more time there. So why not make that space enjoyable to be in? Some may consider redecorating to be intimidating but I have broken it all down into a simple step by step process to help you in the betterment of your indoor space.


  1. Start with one room

Trying to take on your whole house or apartment at once can be a little daunting, so just focus on your first problem area and we can get to the rest later. I suggest trying a smaller room first just to get you started. The Living room I find is good to start with because next to the kitchen, it’s the heart of the home. It’s also one of the first places someone sees in your home and a place you have to look at every day so looking at your progress once you’re done with this room will help motivate you for the rest of your home.


  1. Sniff out the clutter

Clutter is one of the most common problems in most rooms and is really what can bring a space down. Hunt around for the places in the room that seem to attract the clutter and figure out why. If the reason is that there is no place for those items, make a place, whether it be in the room or another. If it’s a case of you have a lot of things that need to be put into other rooms and that is where they tend to land, have a catch-all basket for those items. Purge out what is not needed in the space either by putting it in the rooms they belong in or giving them away.


  1. Look for Things to Improve

Whether it’s the way your furniture is set up or if it’s replacing a few things that are broken, improvements are always a good way to change up the feel of a room. The best way I’ve found to figure out what to change is to take a step back and just look at your space at face value. See what problems you normally encounter with this space. Is it that there is nowhere to put your keys? Do you need more places to put blankets? Is it hard to get to one place in the room because of where furniture is? Figure out what your problems are and fix them accordingly.


  1. Organize what is left

Ok, so we have purged our space and gotten the furniture how we like it. Now we need to sort and organize what is left that’s going to be in the room. For places that are high traffic like living rooms and kitchens, I find less is more. Clutter has been proven to cause depression and if it’s something you struggle with, you would do better to keep it out of your living space as much as posable.


  1. Find some statement pieces

Once you have everything in order, now is time to find some new pieces for your space. Now if you are already happy with the way things are you can skip this portion and be done but if you feel the place still needs a few things now is the time is to find some items. Something as simple as a new lamp or a colorful blanket can really add to the feel of the room. Rugs or a new side table are also great ways to up the personal style of your room. Art you like is also a great option.


Those were my simple five steps for revamping a room in your home. Hope you enjoyed and remember to always stay weird.


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