Stanford Kentucky (Local Landmarks) Part 1

Hey, everyone, today’s post is the first of a series about a little town called Stanford Kentucky. Now let me just say that this town took me by surprise in that I did not expect to be so taken by the place so much. For a town with a population of around 3600 as of last year, there is a lot of personality packed into the small town. As such, I’ve decided that to cram it all into one post would not only be hard but would not do the place justice. So this is going to be a set of three articles over the course of this week that will wrap up just in time for the weekend so that if you find this place as interesting as I did, then you will have all the information you need for a fun weekend out with the family.

So a little heads up on the drive, if you have ever been on a bad back road, by that I mean a gravel one lane road up the side of a mountain with no guardrail, then you will be happy to know that is not what we are dealing with here. It’s no highway that’s for sure but there is a lane for each direction. No mountains either and yes it is real pavement. The only downside is that its about 30-45 minutes from Richmond the largest town near it and it is a little windy. But if you take it slow and have some good tunes you should be fine. Something else to note is your data is going to be spotty or non-existent. I was able to get calls and texts though.

Ok now that you have made it there in one piece where is a good place to start? Well, I started my day off at the library. Now you may think to yourself that this is an odd choice and you would be right. But stay with me on this. I like to start at the library especially in this area because A, there is Wi-Fi here, so you can look things up and B, it is right in the middle of everything. And when I say everything I mean everything. If you’re thinking about visiting Stanford you will be pleased to know that basically everything is centered in the downtown area. So you can have a blast just staying in the 1-2 block radius. The library was a really great starting point I found because it is right in the middle of everything as well. Now what today’s focus is on is the landmarks which 3 out of the 4 I’m talking about are all on Main street. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

  1. The train museum

This is the old train station that was renovated a few years back. To be honest, it isn’t the biggest museum (it’s the size of an old-timely station) but it is packed with cool stuff. The lady who showed us around was very sweet and helpful. She also knew a lot about the objects in the building and also the general history of the town. Something to mention is that the people who live here, really love their town. The renovation done on the Train station was done by volunteers from the community that didn’t want to see the building rot. The lady, I wish I remembered her name, will answer any question you have and is good with directions.

Bonus: There is a walking trail along the old train tracks with grass now over them that is really close to this place. Also a playground out front.

  1. The Mill

The mill is literally right behind the train stain, which if I didn’t make clear is across the street from the library. The mill is, of course, closed down now and as of now there is nothing happening with it but word has it they have been doing something with it. Even though you can’t go in, it’s still cool to go up and peek inside and take pictures of the outside. It’s the only building that is four stories in or around the downtown area so its hard to miss. Caution, if you have small kids, do not let them run off to the back by themselves, there is a “pit”, I guess you could call it, where there is a large wall they may fall off of. Be careful.

  1. Cottages

Also in the downtown are the cottages that you can rent. I was not lucky enough to get a look inside but the outsides were beautiful. If you want a nice family weekend these look like a great place to stay. They are anywhere from $155- $395 a night depending which one you rent but they look well worth it. They are owned by the same owners of Kentucky Soaps and Such (who we will get into more later this week) so if you have questions just go in there and the ladies will tell you all you need to know. They also own the hotel right next to them so that is another stay option.

  1. The Fort

So the largest of the landmarks and the only one not in downtown is the fort. This was actually one of the first three major forts in Kentucky and as of right now is being rebuilt. Never fear, you can still visit, just know it is not totally done yet. There is a mini replica of what it will look like in the front of the Train Station museum if you are curious. Another cool thing they do more in the summer is reenactments of early settler’s life. Great if you love history or if you have kids that you want to get an interest for it.

Ok, guys, that’s it for this post on Stanford, KY, I’ll see you guys with the next one soon. Till then, stay weird.

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