Stanford Kentucky (Kentucky Soaps and Such) Part 3

Hey, everyone, today is a little sad in that it’s the last of our articles on Stanford but also exciting because we are talking about what is probably my favorite place in the whole town which is why it gets its own article all to its self. It’s called Kentucky Soaps and Such and it is a shop on Main Street which specializes in handmade goat milk soaps as well as a list of other products. They have been around since 2006 and in those 11 years, they have gotten into making a lot more than just plain soap.

  1. Their Handmade Soaps

I know I just said they make more than just soap and they do, but I thought we would start off where they started. At one point they did only make soap and it seems to be their biggest seller. Their oatmeal honey, which is their best seller, is actually the only soap that my mom can use without breaking out. So it is very gentle on the skin while also not drying you out. She loves it and has used it for years. Other than that they have a list of smells and types of different soaps. I’ll go ahead and link their website so you can have a look for yourself. They are all made from goat milk that these days they get from a local farm. When they first started out it was all from goats that the owners had but they have all passed by now.

  1. The List Goes On

While I was there I actually did not buy any soap. Gasp, I know, but for me, other things peaked my interest just a little more. I will definitely be going back to get some soap but for now, I wanted to try what else they had. So I decided to get some of the other things that they had to offer. One thing I got was a travel size of their hand lotion and guys, this stuff smells amazing. They had a ton of other smells like agave, woody smells, and of course, they do have fragrance free as an option for those with smell sensitivities. I also ended up picking up one of their lip balms in the flavor Blackberry Pomegranate, and before you ask, yes it tastes as good as you think it would. I also spotted a heel balm that I think I’m going to have to go back and try. And for all the guys out there they do have hard shaving cream available.

  1. The Tour

You heard it right, they have a tour and it’s actually really interesting. If you get the chance to take it, I definitely recommend it. It is totally free to take and you actually get to see exactly how they make their soap as well as all their other products. They have a list of machines that help them do it all including a slicing machine, a massive floor scale, and two mixing/pouring devices. They also do all their labeling in the basement (where the tour takes place), and weirdly enough it’s all still done by hand. Crazy right? They take you through their drying room and you get to see the massive amount of backups they have stored down there. I’ll just say if the apocalypse comes along and I need soap, I know where to go.

  1. Some Final Thoughts on Stanford KY

Something that I think came across pretty well in the articles I’ve written about Stanford is that the people that live there are very caring of the place they call home. Something interesting I found out on the tour at Kentucky Soaps and Such is that the owners also own the cottages, the hotel next to the shop and are partial partners over at the Bluebird. The reason they took on so many businesses is that they wanted to both preserve the history of the town while also breathing new life into it, which I personally think is so cool. What makes it all the better to me is that they aren’t the only ones. From the curator at the train museum, to the girls at Kentucky Soaps and Such, to the people over at 4 Generations, it’s very clear that they all love their town very dearly. And I’ll tell you that can’t be said about every town, but it definitely can be said about Stanford.

I hope you enjoyed our talk on Stanford and that you will let me know about what small Kentucky town you want to hear about next. In the meantime guys, remember to stay weird.

Kentucky Soaps and Such’s Website

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